Donald G. Bastian, publisher and editor at
BPS Books and Bastian Books

During my nearly three decades in book publishing, I have used the services of many book designers. I have been working closely with Kinetics Design since 1992 because Daniel is one of the very best. Daniel’s creativity in terms of design often surpass my expectations. As an editor, I am particularly grateful for his commitment to designs that support the meaning of the books and that match the needs and interests of the readers. I wholeheartedly recommend him to you for any of your graphic needs.

Donald G. Bastian
Bastian Publishing Services Ltd.

Chris Bye, author of
Crash Test: My Brother’s Accident and the Race of Our Lives

As I am sure is true with many authors, the interior and cover design of my book caused me much anguish. This is an area that I have no expertise in whatsoever. Daniel took the time to get to know me, read the manuscript and get into my head. Daniel went the extra mile and did an onsite photo of me in my car for the front cover. The end result is that the words and soul of my book come through clearly from the front cover right through to the back. With a twist of the wrist, a person gets it. They know what the book is about, but more importantly, they feel its emotion.

Chris Bye
Franczak Enterprises Ltd.

James Paterson, author and illustrator of
Jim’s Grandiose Big Bible Picture Book

Kinetics Design’s creative input in designing the look and feel of my book was superb. As an artist and first-time author, I created a highly conceptual book that did not fit established categories. Yet Kinetics Design was able to rein it in, wrap it up and send it out in a way that was faithful to my vision and fresh in appearance, with tweaks I hadn’t even thought of. I am in particular referring to the quality of the vignettes created for the short stories. Although, they are all parts of my chapter paintings, they are artistically designed as independent paintings with many details added to complete them. Daniel is good to work with and technically competent. I can’t wait to have him do my next book.

James Paterson

Donna Carter, author of
10 Smart Things Women Can Do to Build a Better Life

Daniel did a spectacular job on the 10 Smart Things materials. Not only were we thrilled with his designs, but he was extremely responsive to our needs and our timeline. The training manual, participants’ guide, group study kit and DVDs all look great. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. I’m getting lots of comments about the design. Daniel does great work with a great attitude. We felt he always went the “extra mile” to create a great quality product and to be sure we were satisfied with it.

Donna Carter

George E. Hayward, author of
The Universe Our Guiding Light

This was my first time publishing a book. I felt, as you would expect, lost. Through good fortune, I was referred to Kinetics Design. Daniel gently guided me through the many steps in preparing our manuscript for the printers. Through his artistic talents, he created an attractive cover capturing the essence of the book. The interior is superbly laid out, in an easily readable format. It was indeed a pleasure working with a true professional.

George E. Hayward
Enlightened Press Inc.

Robert E. McCulloch, co-author of
The Vowels of Personal Power

It has been a delight to work with Daniel over the past two years. He has a special eye to see what will “work” in a design, and can explain in clear terms why. And at the other end of the spectrum, he has the technical knowledge and expertise to translate that design into a physical reality with speed and ease. The book cover, audio book case and insert as well as the DVDs all look great and are consistent and true to the original design concept.

Robert E. McCulloch, FCMC
CEO, The Energy Exchange™

Reg Bibby, author of
The BOOMER Factor:
What Canada’s Most Famous Generation Is Leaving Behind

To Don Bastian and Daniel Crack

I want to thank both you and Daniel for the superb end product. The cover looks great – very impressive and eye-catching in the best sense (true of the front, spine, and back). Daniel really has done a superb job of integrating the large numbers of tables and graphs into the overall book. The smaller font has contributed to a very positive and impressive unobtrusiveness that is rarely achieved with such data-driven books.

Thank you for all the effort that has gone into what I think is a top-notch looking book! I appreciate your work and admire your patience, Daniel.

Reginald W. Bibby

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