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We are fully aware that every client wants a book designer who can provide customized solutions. We strive to produce innovative designs for every book, incorporating our diverse experience and creativity to integrate the client’s expressed needs. To design a book we start the process with a client meeting, to help us build the book design around the book’s key message and target market. Often, we work with the client to identify the niche in the market they desire to fill with the book, and then create a design to support that presence. In addition, we can also provide additional sources to our clients for editing, proofreading, marketing, publicity, printing and retailing.


As our portfolio shows, we are currently involved in book design and have produced many different types of books – everything from business to fiction. Please take some time to review our portfolio or book cover design flash show for some examples of our best book cover designs.

We design book covers and book layouts with inside visuals, using our own photography as well as customised diagrams, tables and illustration. Depending on the project, we can provide high-resolution photographic scanning and editing of existing images, acquired from clients or through online stock photography.

There are many Print on Demand (POD) innovations in both black and white and full colour available in book publishing today, and we are currently working with Bastian Publishing Services supporting its POD division, BPS Books. For our POD projects, Kinetics Design is working with printers such as Lulu Lightning Source, Print Three, Webcom and many others.

We have worked in traditional offset book printing using the services of Friesens Corp., Webcom Inc., Transcontinental Printing and Tri-Graphics Printing Ltd. in Canada. We are also placing colour books offshore in Hong Kong to provide cost-effective solutions for our clients.

We have developed audio book packaging and DVD lecture course materials including training manuals and participants’ guides. We have also developed interactive online books through the PDF format and can provide ebook cover design.

Our clients included Bastian Publishing Services - BPS Books, Leadership Dynamics - Leadership Press, Stoddart Publishing, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, McGill-Queen’s University Press and The Boston Mills Press. We have also worked with many authors who are self-publishing their books. We have established all the necessary contacts in the book publishing field to take any project to completion.

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